1.I wish i had done better on my exhibition because i wasn't prepared i said um and stuff and i wasn't speaking loud.
2.What i liked about is my Presentation and Mythology.
3.What i did well is i payed clost atentune and eye contact.
4.I learned a lot about Roy Lichtenstein and Larry Bird.
5.I learned dont be afraid of people you already no and don't be afraid to present.

My name is Terrion i am a fifth grade student at University Prep Academy in Detroit, Michigan this page is a collection of my work.I hope you enjoy it.

10 Places

For This Project.We had to pick ten places and you had to get facts about why you wanted to go.
And you was suppose to get pictures and stuff.
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Current Event Essay

We had to choose a topic about Syria or Trayvon Martin case.I picked trayvon and what i talked
about in that was he's dead for no reason and George Zimmerman should be in jail.
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Mythology Newspaper

For this project we had to chose 5 mythology articles
and we did like 15 to 20. And had to make a poster.
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College Feature Article

On this project we had to pick a college and get fact's and stuff
about it. And i picked University Of Oregon.
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Author Study

Only for mr.curran reading class

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My Poetry

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Reading Workshop Projects

Going With The Mythology
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10 Things Project

In this project he had us get a letter and we had to pick ten things.
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Stock Market Project

We had to beet mr.curran see how mny stocks we could get
without passing 10,000.
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