My Name Is Jawan I am a fifth grade student at University Prep Academy in Detroit, MI this page is a collection of my work I hope you enjoy it

10 Places

10 Places is 10 places we would like to go to. I want to go to a lot of places so im only going to name a couple. One place I would like to go to is Chicago I went to Chicago before but never got to explore and when I say its big I mean it is big had a little fun but didn't get to do anything I wanted to. another place I would like to go to is Atlanta. one reason I would like to go to Atlanta is because my grandfather lives there never saw him in my life.
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Current Events

As you all know Trayvon Martin was gun downed by George Zimmerman We had more than one to choose from it was also Syria I choose Trayvon Martin. I liked this case because you talk about so many things. I think I did it very well thats my opinion I worked real hard on it.
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College Feature Article

This is our college article well my college article. I did University Of Oregon. The colors are green and black and red. The mascot is Daffy The Duck. I like the college colors and the workout room. They have swimming pool. I also like the mascot. I learned that the tuition caust a furtune.
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My poetry

. Are poems include

We had to write 15 poems These are my poems. I like them hope you do too.
3 odes
If I were in charge of the world
Not enough time
Night is
So much
The Hawk
Blank is a difficult matter
This is just to say
Poetry is


My video is about art my artist is Vincent Van Gough. I love his art.

In our class we had Langston Hughes poems. I choose Langston Hughes Mother To Son. I really like that poem because it is a lot to talk about.

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In mythoogy we watched at least 12 videos im not going to name all the ones I picked but I liked it. We had funny videos and boaring videos. I choose five im not going to name them though.

Mythology NewsPaper


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