My name is Danielle. I am a fifth grade student at University Prep Academy in Detroit, Michigan. This page is a collection of my work. I hope you enjoy it.

10 Places

For this project I had to find information about 10 places then I had to type them too. We had to pick places that we have never had beed before. I was very excited that I would visit those places someday. I learned a lot about California, Paris And India. And I was very excited of see places I have never seen before.

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Current Events Essay

For this project I had to write about what happens in Syria or the Trayvon Martin situation and write about the reasons that George Zimmerman. I learned that in Syria the president doesn't care about his people and George Zimmerman is races. And he doesn't care about the damage in his country.

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College Feature Article

For this project we had to pick 3 colleges and write letters to the colleges. Then we had to pick one college to present for our gateway exhibition. And then we have to have a board and have the information and some pictures on it too. I learned that University Of California, Long Beach that mostly everyone in California go there.

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Mythology Newspaper

We had to listen to some greek stories and then you have to write notes. After that you have to have a big sheet of paper and write it like it just happened yesterday. And you had to also write it like a newspaper article and present it at your exhibition. I learned a lot about mythology and how many problems the stories had.




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My Poetry

For our poetry project we had to write 15 poems and then we had to pick three poems and present them. I learned a lot about poetry all school long. And I love the This Is Just To Say poem.

The poems I wrote include:


Poetry Is....



The Eagle


So Much Depends On

School Is A Difficult Matter

Night Is...

This Is Just To Say

If I Was In Charge

Not Enough Time

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Old Interest Projects

The Sun



10 Things We Love

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DIA Poem

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Old Poems