My name is Camya i am a fifth grader at University Prep Academy in Detroit Michigan this page is a collection of my work i hope you like or love it.

10 Place

For this project we had to choos 10 place from around the world that I would like to visit some day. I had to go to there hame page and write it drown on a peace of peper and then we had to type them and then we had to go to phote pin and them we had to get vide

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Current Events Essay

for the curran events essay we had to pick what we want to do are essay on i pick trayvon maitin and
then we type it was about why it was worry to kill trayvon maitrnand why george should be in jail.

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College Feature Article

fr the college we had topick a college and then we had to type ever thing we learn about th college i pick lasell college.

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My Poetry

we had to write down alot of poem and then we hand to look the up ont he comper and then we had to type i laed that yu can love poem love pome

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not enough time

night is

so mush depend


the eagle

is a difftcult matter

tis is just to say

poetry is


bitterness invtiation

i am from poem

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stock market project

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